Showers for my Baby Niece

Just some quick shots from my sister’s baby shower last weekend. So excited to meet my baby niece! More dining room progress to share hopefully next week!

This last one is just practice for maternity photos…next time I’ll focus properly, and make her take my lens cap out of her hand :P

Dining Room = Furnished!

Despite 1 brief delay, our dining room furniture was delivered this past weekend. We got it from Rooms 2 Go of all places, but I’ve seen it carried under other furniture names after some intense Googling.

Here’s a super wide shot so you can see the whole room, but it makes the furniture look a little puny. The color is pretty accurate in this picture, but for some reason the floor looks much lighter here.

Here’s the server buffet thing. That wine holder needs to be filled up ASAP!

I did a little styling for the top — a new Smith & Hawken boxwood wreath from Target hung over an old HomeGoods mirror, 2 new Target frames (that are empty…), and a serving tier that was a wedding gift. I have a large canvas that I am considering hanging here along with buffet lamps, but this works for now.

Goofing around now :)

And one final shot! I should sell this image to Rooms To Go because the ones on their website are AWFUL.

So now onto the rest of the room — repainting, light fixture, rug or no rug?, end chairs, hanging curtains, etc etc etc!

Dining Room Lighting Decisions

Our long awaited dining room furniture was delivered last weekend! Pictures coming soon, but right now I am on the hunt for a new chandelier and a set of lamps for the server. I really like this chandelier, but not the price ($359):

Here’s another option that I am not in that much in love with, but is more budget friendly at $200:

For buffet lamps, I have been checking out HomeGoods fairly regularly, but I don’t feel like I can commit to something until I pick out a chandelier. And then there’s the paint color, end chair, and rug decisions. Too many decisions for this room! I just need to close my eyes and click my heels 3 times. You’d think since this space has been empty for 3 years I’d have it figured it out…nope!

Dining Room Mood Board

As I mentioned during my post on 2014 home goals, one thing I am pretty excited about working on this year is the dining room. It has sat mostly empty for the almost 3 years we’ve lived here and I’m ready to do something about that.

It’s not a huge room (wide angle lenses can be deceiving) at about 12 ft x 13 ft, so finding an appropriately sized dining table was a little difficult. After deciding that we didn’t really want to drop $5K on furniture from Pottery Barn or Ethan Allen, we ended up finding something we liked at Rooms to Go (shocking, right?). Here is a mood board I put together a while back:

Screen shot 2014-01-23 at 1.17.58 PM

The furniture and curtains (actually different from the ones shown above) are arriving this week, but there are a several other elements that I am still trying to figure out (lighting, art, end chairs, and possibly a new rug).

Basement Painting Progress = 66%?

Woo, more black interior doors! While the outcome doesn’t seem overly fabulous, the effort that it took to get here was kind of substantial. Taping off NINETY itty bitty windows (6 door sides total, 15 windows per door) was awful. And painting each door was no quick task. I think I spent roughly 12 hours on this project from start to finish. Yikes, I’m just glad it’s done! In hindsight I wish I would have used my paint sprayer…

Take a trip in the time machine with me back to closing day:

And here’s now:

We’re getting there folks. Still left to do for the basement painting spree is painting above the chair rail, fixing the crown molding in a few spots, painting the gym, and painting the baseboards. Ok, maybe we’re not quite at 66% yet!

Basement Painting Progress = 33%?

One of my home goals for this year is to get the basement painted. I plopped down on Sunday afternoon for a few hours and knocked our the section below the chair rail. I just used leftover paint from the master bedroom and my office (Eddie Bauer Limestone). Still TBD on a color for above the chair rail, but essentially something a tad lighter than what’s below it. The current off white color really doesn’t photograph well, does it?

The pool table room got the same paint treatment, but I’m refusing to photograph that right now because of the lack of natural light. One day I will figure out how to photograph that room. Next up will be painting those french doors black…

Snowpocalypse 2014, Part 2

No, this is not a continuation of Snowpocalypse 2014, but another separate snow/ice storm. Boo. Thankfully this one was handled better than the last one, with plenty of warnings and schools closing very far in advance.

It wasn’t much to look at until a layer of snow fell down on top of the sno-cone layer that had accumulated the previous day. Ice + snow is quite pretty, but really I’m glad it’s melting quickly. We’re getting a little stir crazy around here…

Something about trees + ice + snow + gray skies + black and white…I <3 this photo

It’s Raining Shingles…

My least favorite part of home ownership is spending money on maintenance and non-cosmetic fixes. They say you can expect to spend 1% of your home’s value on maintenance per year. Yikes! I guess we are well on our way there with this roof repair coming in at a cool $1400 bucks… That could buy a really nice camera lens…or some dining room furniture! Too bad. At least we won’t have an unexpected sky light/swimming pool in the dining room in the near future.

The crime scene. Water has been coming through the ceiling and down the wall separating the dining room from the entryway.

The damage we woke up to yesterday morning. Before it was a smaller crack, but something about the snow melting or humidity (it was 70 degrees on Sunday!) must have weakened the already weak drywall. Not shown is the huge puddle of water that was directly below this. Luckily the floors are fine.

The destruction. They had to rip out a whole area, repair the underlayment, and install new shingles.

Honestly I am just glad it is done and we don’t have to worry about it any longer. We’ll also need to have someone come out and repair the drywall on the ceiling, and then I will repaint the ceiling and maybe the walls too. Maybe a slightly darker blue…the jury is still out…

Snowpocalypse 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014…or more formally, “Winter Storm Leon”. I feel very lucky to have made it home from work in ONLY 3 hours. David was in his car for 3 hours, and then walked the remaining 8 miles home. Many, including my in-laws and several friends, were stuck in their cars or places of work overnight. Thankfully things are warming up and melting, albeit very slowly.

Here are a few photos from the last 24 hours. This was Gauss’ first time experiencing snow and he absolutely loved it, mushing his face in it frequently and chasing/trying to eat snow balls.

Firetruck with chains over the tires driving thru slush. The black SUV on the left is abandoned.

Historic Southern home blanketed in snow