Baby Progress: Week 27

How far along? 27 weeks and officially in 3rd trimester

Total weight gain/loss: About 11 pounds I think? Last week I gained 2 so I guess I lost one of those. My weight has been fluctuating a bit so who knows.

Maternity clothes? Trying to cut back on maternity clothes purchases (I know, right when everything is just now starting to fit!), but I got this dress on sale from Target.

Stretch marks? Nope

Symptoms: Heartburn. Maybe her hair is growing? (or old wives tale…or read this medical publication I found while Googling!) Also some pelvic and tailbone pain when I stand up after sitting for a while. Welcome to 3rd trimester, I suppose!

Sleep:  Sleep has been OK, I just feel like I need a nap midday and I can’t fall back asleep after my bladder wakes me up early. I might as well permanently turn off my alarm clock.

Best moment this week:
It was a super busy/hectic week with things going on around the house. The nursery furniture was delivered and insurance approved our roof replacement!

Worst moment of the week: Well our granite counters were supposed to be installed, but we ran into an issue where our gas cooktop doesn’t haven’t an individual cut off valve (and $175 later, we had a handyman come out and install one — ouch…). Omg seriously who does that? Pretty sure it is against code. So we are basically without use of our kitchen sink and cooktop all weekend. Good thing we’ll be doing lots of grilling out and eating out for memorial day. I just hate having my house be a disaster zone for an extended period of time!

Have you told family and friends: Yes

Miss Anything? All of this being sleepy lately really had me in the mood for a nice cold frappucino. I guess I could get decaf but it’s not the same!

Movement: Constant dance party in there it seems. It makes me even MORE skeptical of those “I didn’t know I was pregnant” shows. She is moving non-stop and keeping me up at night and waking me up in the morning!

Food cravings: I got on a healthy kick this week and ate a few grilled chicken salads and had lots of fruit. I guess summer weather will do that.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really.

Have you started to show yet: Yes, and getting more frequent comments from strangers. I had a coworker stop me in the hallway (I never really officially announced myself at work beyond the small team I’m on) and he was like “soooo, you’re expecting, right?”. And then he gave me some great advice about not choosing a weird celebrity baby name. No problem, dude 🙂

Gender:  Girl

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? Still kind of half flat-ish, and half outie?

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
mostly, although I’ve been quite tired this week which tends to put me in a grouchy mood.

Looking forward to: Enjoying the 3-day weekend!


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