Nursery Progress

With the nursery starting off as a disaster, it has taken a while for it to become decent enough just to paint. For the last um, 3.5 years it has pretty much looked like some variation of this:

Aka dumping ground of random crap. A million holes in the wall that were halfway through being patched. And here it is now:

Don’t worry, most of the dumping ground of random crap has just been temporarily moved to another location (aka the nursery closet, and at least it’s more exciting random crap — baby clothes, new cooktop, and new faucet for our eventual kitchen countertop overhaul!), but so far we’ve:

  • Finished patching and sanding all of the imperfections in the wall (there were a LOT as you can see from the before)
  • Almost finished patching and sanding imperfections in the baseboards (a dog we were pet sitting decided the trim looked like a yummy chew toy?)
  • Replaced the carpet (Woo! Well WE didn’t do this ourselves, but we paid for it, haha)
  • Replaced the blinds. They don’t look that different, but the dog decided to use parts of the opening/closing cords as a chew toy. What is it with this room and dogs chewing things?
  • Replaced the fan. The old one worked, but it was a sight for sore eyes.
  • Painted! The color is Benjamin Moore Pleasant Pink, matched to Sherwin Williams.
  • Purchased a mirror for over the dresser/changing table. I will be refinishing it or repainting it — maybe a dark-ish gray to tie into the glider? (sneak peak of it sitting on the floor)

And what’s in the works/in progress:

  • Curtain fabric has been purchased, but I need to start making the curtains before I am too big to comfortably do this.
  • We ordered the nursery recliner, crib and dresser. They’ll all be here in the next 4-8 weeks or so.
  • David has specifically requested a certain song lyric/quote to be framed, so I’m on the lookout for something to mimic from Pinterest.
  • We are doing either initials or her 1st name over the crib, so I’m on the hunt for some letters.
  • The closet still needs to be painted, which I’d like to do in a contrasting color (maybe turquoise or magenta?). It needs some organizing functionality added as well since there is just 1 hanging bar for the whole space.

There’s so much more on the “to do” list for this room including other wall decor, lighting, accessories, maybe a little side table or small bookcase to sit next to the glider, etc etc etc but I’m just thinking about the “big things” for now.


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