Carpet Options

Getting started on our 1st big project of 2015! After looking through many, many samples of carpet styles and colors at Home Depot and Lowe’s, we came home with 2 options/patterns. Ultimately we wanted to find a happy medium between what I like (some type of pattern that wasn’t too busy) and what David likes (softness and comfort are his priority of course).

Both HD and Lowe’s charge a small “deposit” ($20-25) for people to rent out the carpet swatches, and then you just return them when you’re ready to make your decision and you get a refund on the original amount. Here’s what we picked up:

We narrowed it down to the Lowe’s option after seeing a few bad reviews of the Home Depot carpet and a few positive ones for the Lowe’s carpet. Next step was picking a color. I really thought this particular sample had several potential color options, so that was a welcome surprise. I put that sample down in several rooms in both natural light and artificial light to make sure I still thought I was picking the right option (I guess similar to what you’d do for a paint swatch). I narrowed it down to these 2 colors.

Ultimately we decided on…well let’s keep it a surprise actually. It’s dark enough to hide dirt (our existing master bedroom carpet is almost white and it’s awful!) but not too dark. We are also going with the upgraded padding for more cushy-ness 🙂

Next up is measuring and finally installation. I can’t wait to see it all installed and finished since this is something we’ve wanted to do since buying our house almost 4 years ago!


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