2014 Plans vs. Reality and 2015 Home Goals

Looking back on my 2014 home goals, I’d say I did OK last year. Husband’s office didn’t get painted, and we didn’t get new countertops, so those will go on the list for 2015.

Also on the list for 2015 will be new carpet. Luckily most of the 1st level is hardwoods, so it will only be replaced in the master bedroom, the stairway, the 2 upstairs bedrooms, and the office. I think the carpet on the upper level has never been replaced and is original to the house…yikes! Here’s what I’m thinking for style and color:




We put off new counters to 2015 and we’ll be using our tax refund dollars to pay to make it a little less painful for the wallet. We have quite a bit of counter area, and I’d also like to go ahead and replace the gas cooktop, the faucet, and put in an undermount sink. We’re thinking granite, and possibly quartz (depending on price) in a dark gray or black color. Some inspiration from Pinterest:

(no source, random Pinterest find described as “Steel Gray”)

(source; this one is actually soapstone, but I like the look)


Finally I’d love to do something with our backyard, but I don’t think it will be in the cards for this year. We’d love to do landscaping and a fence for the dog, but there are drainage and erosion issues since we live near the bottom of the hill, so we have rivers that form in our backyard after every heavy rain. In the mean time, I may just try to plant a few hostas and do some cheap small upgrades like putting in a small walkway.

Happy 2015!


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