Christmas Tour

Apparently I’ve been slacking a bit in updating the ole blog (Hi Rachel!!!), so here’s a few photos of some of the Christmas decor around the house. Enjoy!

The dining room is still slowly coming along, but we’ve recently added 2 captain chairs (the custom camel-back dining chairs in protege driftwood from Home Decorators) and the Lyon Round etagere from the Ballard Design Outlet.

For the table, I added a really simple candle holder from IKEA, some ribbon, votives, and silver bells. I hung more of the silver bells from the light fixture with red curling ribbon. While I really like the look of a “set” table with all of the placemats, chargers, dinnerware, runners, etc. I think this is fine for now. Maybe I’ll pick up some of that stuff in an after-Christmas sale and have it ready for next year.

The staircase gets garland, lights, and some accent bows. As simple as this looks, this always seems to take forever to make it look exactly right.

The  mantle is mostly the same from previous years, but I added the “Merry Christmas” bunting from Target this year.

Less than 2 weeks until Christmas! Are you ready???


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