San Francisco

Last weekend we made kind of a whirlwind trip to San Francisco. We left early Friday morning and got back late, LATE Monday night (technically, Tuesday morning…at 2AM). We originally had plans last year to do a Seattle to San Francisco road trip, but that plan was put on hold when we went to Alaska instead. When we got an invite in the mail for a Santa Clara wedding, we figured it was the perfect opportunity to check out San Francisco since we didn’t get a chance last year.

We arrived in San Francisco just after noon on Friday, hopped in our rental car, and went straight to In-N-Out burger. I’m not sure I get the hype, but it was fine (except for the french fries…WTF). After that, we drove through downtown San Francisco, across the golden gate bridge, headed towards Muir Woods. We spent a few hours walking around the park. It was pretty breathtaking.

The next morning we woke up early and went back into the city for our Alcatraz tour. We hung out near the pier for a little bit, eating breakfast at a nearby cafe and watching Georgia Tech football on ESPN (noon eastern kickoff = 9AM pacific…not something I could get used to!). Then we hopped on the boat and headed over to the island.

We did the audio tour, which I thought was just ok, but David liked. After the tour, we walked around fisherman’s wharf a bit (of course stopping to see the sea lions).

We also walked to Lombard Street nearby (the famous crooked-est street) and Ghiradelli Square. Then we hopped back into the rental car and drove over to Crissy Park. It was a pretty overcast day (although not that foggy, strangely) so my photos of the golden gate bridge are just “eh”.

For our final day, we stayed in the Santa Clara area and had brunch (a very SF-ish thing to do, right?) and had a blast at the wedding. It was not a typical “American” wedding, so that was interesting and fun.

Our flight the next day got delayed by several hours, so we spent a lot of time at the SFO airport…*yawn*. We landed back in Atlanta around 1am, picked up our bags, and took our inaugural Uber ride home…with the world’s most talkative Uber driver. I think it took me a full week to catch back up on sleep after a jam-packed weekend, but it was definitely fun. Hopefully we can return to California and San Francisco in the future!


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