Kaitlyn’s “Newborn” Photos

Well because of so much business this summer, it took 6 weeks for me to be able to capture Kaitlyn’s “newborn” photos. All of the research I did said it was best to take them in the first week, but it just didn’t happen. I think they still turned out…okay. Yes I am super critical of myself and look at certain ones and still think “yep, that looks like someone’s first attempt at taking newborn photos”…which is true and everything, but yeah, it was a learning experience. The whole session took about 3 hours, including setup, rearranging furniture, and patiently waiting for her to fall asleep! I went and ransacked Target beforehand to pick up a beanbag, some blankets, hats, and other props. I also got trash bags (to place between blankets in case of an accident), disposable wipes, and chip bag clips (to clip the blankets to the back of chairs).

We set up in Kaitlyn’s nursery, near the window. The lighting conditions weren’t perfect, and I wasn’t sure how to fix it, but I made do. You can see that some of the lighting is kind of direct/harsh, but at the same time I had my ISO set to 1000 so that I could keep my shutter speed above 1/50 or so. I’m sure I could have spent more time rearranging furniture and trying to find the best light, but I made it work and just lowered contrast and increased shadows in post processing. I also used the CoffeShop Baby PowderRoom Photoshop action to get rid of redness and smooth out some baby acne. I typically very rarely do any post processing in Photoshop (unless it’s using content-aware fill….love that!), and just stick with Lightroom, so that was also a re-learning process.

OK, let’s finally get to some of my favorite photos. First I took some “awake” photos. This was also a decent time to capture some detail photos, as long as she wasn’t being too squirmy.

This one is cute, but the coloring in it drives me nuts and I am having a hard time getting it right!

So  that’s it! Those were some of my favorites, and there weren’t too many more that were “publish quality”. So yeah, lots of work! I’ll go back to photographing things that don’t pose as well as a bowl full of jell-o now…


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