Summer Happenings

Summer is typically a little nuts, hence the blog silence lately. A few things I’ve been up to:

1. Re-thinking the deck space. We sold our old patio dining furniture and grabbed a few adirondack chairs and a fire pit from Lowe’s. A much better use of this space, and we can’t wait to start using the fire pit…ya know, once it gets below 75 degrees here at night! More deck improvements are in the works, too (more furniture, deck painting, etc).

Also a few plants I haven’t killed (yet). A jalapeño plant, sweet potato vine, petunias, and some potted boxwoods.

2. Ultimate! Of course summer wouldn’t be summer without summer league ultimate. I love my team, the “Heisenbros” (Breaking Bad rip off..). If only I could get rid of my old lady knee and foot aches and pains!

3. Working out and eating healthy like a crazy person! I started the Jamie Eason LiveFit program. I’m currently on week 6 so it is starting to kick my butt. I’m not following the program diet exactly, but I am trying to eat “clean” 90% of the time. Eating clean also means I’m cooking my own food a lot, which is time consuming, but I’m learning to figure it out (aka making large quantities of food at once and then eating leftovers). One of my favorite things to make is egg white and banana protein pancakes for breakfast (4 egg whites, 1 mashed banana, cinnamon, vanilla extract, with no syrup and usually some type of fruit on top). Lunch is typically grilled chicken salad, and dinner is fish/other protein with veggies. And then healthy snacks throughout the day (yogurt, more fruit…I’m kind of a fruit-aholic).

4. Wedding season! We’re off to Boston/Providence/Newport RI in a few weeks. Of course we had to 1st celebrate the bride. Later this summer we’ll be in San Francisco (YAY!) for another wedding. I think that will be 11 flights this year. Pretty sure that is a PR.

5. Spending money on non-exciting house things. This seems to be a theme this year after the roof leaking. Want to see pictures of our new garage door that looks exactly like the old garage door? No? Yeah, doesn’t make for good blog content, I know…


Until next time!


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