Dining Room Update

A lot of progress has been made on the dining room lately, so I guess we’re due for an update. This room is about 90% finished and I’ll probably just tweak going forward. No room is ever completely finished, right?

Since last time I shared, the ceiling has been repaired from the roof leak (hired out) and painted (by me), the walls have been repainted (Sherwin Williams Naval), new chandelier installed (by us! without burning down the house or killing each other!), new buffet lamps were purchased, and the curtains were hung. Doesn’t seem like that much work, but it definitely adds up when it seems like the weekends go by in the blink of an eye. We’ve come a long way from baby poop colored walls on closing day…

And then sat empty for almost 3 years, but with smurf blue paint that I got tired of…

To now…with a darker paint color and actual furniture!

My favorite part might be the curtains. They are mostly blue with a tiny bit of green in them. This photo is probably the best representation of the wall color (Sherwin Williams Naval). The hunt for arm chairs for the head of the table is just going to be ongoing.


I think I am going to turn my attention back to the basement next, which is currently a disaster zone…


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