Basement Painting Progress = 66%?

Woo, more black interior doors! While the outcome doesn’t seem overly fabulous, the effort that it took to get here was kind of substantial. Taping off NINETY itty bitty windows (6 door sides total, 15 windows per door) was awful. And painting each door was no quick task. I think I spent roughly 12 hours on this project from start to finish. Yikes, I’m just glad it’s done! In hindsight I wish I would have used my paint sprayer…

Take a trip in the time machine with me back to closing day:

And here’s now:

We’re getting there folks. Still left to do for the basement painting spree is painting above the chair rail, fixing the crown molding in a few spots, painting the gym, and painting the baseboards. Ok, maybe we’re not quite at 66% yet!


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