It’s Raining Shingles…

My least favorite part of home ownership is spending money on maintenance and non-cosmetic fixes. They say you can expect to spend 1% of your home’s value on maintenance per year. Yikes! I guess we are well on our way there with this roof repair coming in at a cool $1400 bucks… That could buy a really nice camera lens…or some dining room furniture! Too bad. At least we won’t have an unexpected sky light/swimming pool in the dining room in the near future.

The crime scene. Water has been coming through the ceiling and down the wall separating the dining room from the entryway.

The damage we woke up to yesterday morning. Before it was a smaller crack, but something about the snow melting or humidity (it was 70 degrees on Sunday!) must have weakened the already weak drywall. Not shown is the huge puddle of water that was directly below this. Luckily the floors are fine.

The destruction. They had to rip out a whole area, repair the underlayment, and install new shingles.

Honestly I am just glad it is done and we don’t have to worry about it any longer. We’ll also need to have someone come out and repair the drywall on the ceiling, and then I will repaint the ceiling and maybe the walls too. Maybe a slightly darker blue…the jury is still out…


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