2014 Home Goals

Although I didn’t quite complete ALL of my 2013 home goals, I thought it was a good way to keep me accountable for the things I wanted to do. Shall we do the same thing for this year? Here’s what I’m thinking:

1. Paint ALL THE THINGS. It’s a little embarrassing that we have lived in our house for almost 3 years and there are still unpainted rooms. This year I’d like to finally finish painting:

  • The basement (media room, pool room, gym, and stairs). Below the chair rail I’ll be using the same color from my home office (Eddie Bauer Limestone). I need to find a good coordinating lighter color for above the chair rail (and maybe carry that color into the gym too?). This also means addressing some the crown molding that looks like it is falling off the wall (yeah, not cool…).

  • The 2 sets of french doors in the basement. I’ve wanted to put a coat of black on these for-ever!

  • David’s office. The paint job in here is pretty horrible. This room won’t be too difficult to paint because there isn’t much wall space, but I’d like to just get this over with so it doesn’t look so gross.

  • Re-paint the powder room. The walls in here took quite a beating after our floors were refinished. I don’t think we have any leftover paint, so I’m thinking I’ll just pick up a similar color and put a new coat on. Yes, I have already been putting this off since April of last year…

Obviously a very old photo…

  • Refresh the front door and hand rail in the garage using gel stain. The only 2 remaining spots in our house that still have the orangey-oak finish! I’ve seen a lot of nice before and afters on Pinterest using gel stain, so I will test it out on the hand rail in the garage first and see how it looks before tackling the front door.

2. Organize a few disastrous clutter zones. It’s time to purge certain clutter collecting areas of the house. Namely the garage, the storage room, and bedroom closets. I get anxiety just thinking about these areas.

Envision this space filled with crap that we never use…

3. Finally furnish and decorate the dining room. This is one item I am really excited about. I feel like our house will feel so much more finished with dining room furniture, curtains, and art. It’s one of the first rooms you see when you come in our house and I am really excited about the plan I have for it. I’ll share details soon…

4. Update our kitchen counter tops. This one might not happen this year since we are spending quite a bit of $$$ in other areas (roof repairs, large vacation, new car for me, a few out of town weddings) but it would make such a big difference in our open layout home to put in a shiny new counter top to complement our newly painted cabinets. Who knows, maybe it will be our Christmas gift to each other (ugh, this solidifies the fact that we are old, right?).

So, that’s the plan! Honestly I’d be thrilled if half of these things got done this year, but it’s better for goals to be slightly out of reach instead of easily attainable, right? Wish me luck…


2 thoughts on “2014 Home Goals

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