EuroTrip 2014

One thing David and I have been talking about forever is taking a big trip to Europe. What better occasion to do it than our 5th wedding anniversary! We are early in the planning stages right now, but so far the plan is to go to London, Paris, and Rome. I would have loved to get to Santorini, but we’ll have to save that for our 10 year anniversary.

We have never been to Europe, and our only trips out of the country have been to fairly American-ized places (Vancouver, Saint Lucia, and Mexico). I got a few Fodor’s and Rick Steve’s travel books for Christmas and have been digging through them pretty slowly, but it is overwhelming!




Any advice for planning a big trip like this? Any suggestions for must-see attractions or places to eat?

P.S. I’m in the final staging of finishing the cabinets, so hopefully I will have photos to share late next week! Yay!


One thought on “EuroTrip 2014

  1. How exciting! I would love to hear your journey planning such a big trip…my husband and I are also planning a big trip to London/Paris/Ireland for 2015 for our 5th anniversary! It will be my first time to Europe as well, and it is pretty intimidating!

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