Priming Underway…

Just when I thought sanding was going to be the worst thing about this project, in comes the most foul smelling primer you can imagine! Come on in…

I promise I’m not performing any Dexter-like rituals in here, but a mini spray booth is a necessity when you insist on doing this project when it’s 40 degrees outside…

Progress is of course slow going when you have 35 doors (just think about that for a minute and multiply it out for priming front and backs, sanding between each coat, and multiple coats!). All of the door backs are primed, and I’m about 1/3 of the way through the fronts. They look so innocent just sitting there drying, don’t they? P.S. Plastic solo cups make adequate resting devices. I’m using quarts of paint for the heavier doors to dry on.

I am slightly worried about the grain showing through in some spots. Should I do another coat of primer, or do you think it will be covered once I have multiple coats of real paint applied?

Eventually I need to pick a final color. Leaning towards all of the “popular” Benjamin Moore whites, but we’ll see once I get it next to the existing trim color. Luckily I’ll be off work for the rest of the year starting tomorrow, so hopefully more progress soon, but don’t expect any Christmas miracles!


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