Staycation Insanity Begins

Total #firstworldproblem, but I have too many vacation days. At my job, if you don’t use all of the days you are allotted for the calendar year, them you lose ’em. So I’m taking a little staycation this week and starting a huge project. Painting the kitchen cabinets.

I am excited about the end result, but not so much on the process to get there. There are 35 doors to remove, clean, sand, prime, and paint. In a perfect world, I’d love to just get new cabinet fronts, as I am not so fond of the arched cathedral-style upper doors, but I still think it can look decent. Here is one of my inspiration pictures.


They aren’t kidding when they say that prep is 75% of the work. Just thinking about the logistics of how I am going to do even some of the small things, like painting around where the microwave is, has my head spinning.

So I guess I better get started…after I finish my coffee…and get my hair done…and check out that new outlet mall… Really I’m giving myself until new year’s to finish this — not just 1 week, so that I get a nice finish and it doesn’t look bad. I didn’t get nervous about this until David said, “What if it doesn’t look professional?”. Gulp. No pressure.


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