My Office Update

For the longest time, my little “office” in our basement has looked like this:

Pretty pathetic, right? I got the urge one weekend to get rid of the plain white walls and started painting. I had some left over paint from the master bedroom, and the color actually works with the bossy carpet. Although the furniture isn’t in the best shape (mostly 1st apartment furniture from Target YEARS ago), it’s a good spot for me to take late night conference calls with my counterparts in Korea or Seattle.

Here it is now:

Looking to the left, the door leading into the basement bathroom:

And to the right. What a difference cheap IKEA RITVA panels make.

And looking back towards the set of double doors that I can easily close to ward off a certain hyper dog. 🙂  I have plans to eventually paint these doors black like the others in the house.

So while it’s not the fanciest of fancy, it works for me. And 100x times better than the before! OK, time to get back to work…


3 thoughts on “My Office Update

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