More black…

My ‘paint everything black’ kick continued last weekend, when I picked up this terra cotta pot from Home Depot and applied a few layers of black spray paint. I placed a holly bush in it, but not sure if that is ok but I’ll guess I’ll find out if/when it dies.

We also had 2 light fixtures installed (that are both…surprise…black!). I think I bought these back in April and finally got them installed!

Here’s the foyer before (you can’t tell in the picture but this thing was SO DUSTY):

And “After” (this area is really awkward to photograph!):

Our little eat-in kitchen, “Before”:


The light fixtures are from Overstock (I didn’t put the little chandelier shades on it which is fine since it is on a dimmer) and Amazon. The foyer light fixture is also available from Overstock, but was $100 cheaper on Amazon. I’ve found that to be true for a lot of things and have gotten some good deals on Amazon purchases lately! Like Amazon needs any more of my money!


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