Fall Touches

I am not one to really go all out and decorate for all of the seasons, but I did add a few fall touches around the house. Honestly these will probably stay up until Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “Fall Touches

  1. Just found your website and i love it!! Your home is beautiful — im in the process of trying to pull our new house into a home as well 😉 Questions if you don’t mind — (1) how is the wreath on the mirror what did you use to attach it love the idea! (2) the candle holders around the tv /fireplace — love it do you remember where they are from? (3) Wall mirror in the guest room (LOVE IT) is that Ikea as well?

    • Thanks! It’s a lot harder than it looks, right?
      1. The wreath is just hanging from a suction cup hook that is stuck to the mirror.
      2. Yep, I got them from Pottery Barn last year. I think they still carry them!
      3. There are 2 mirrors in the guest room, so I think you are talking about the large leaning one? Yes, it’s from IKEA. I love that place.

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