Black black black

I might have a slight obsession with the color black. After painting the interior of this door black, I finally went ahead and painted the exterior…you guessed it…black.

Ew, the deck is so dirty.

Pro tip: When you paint an exterior door you usually have to leave it open for a few hours. During those few hours a bird may or may not come into your house. You may or may not scream like a little girl upon realizing that there is a bird flying around in your house. Pretty sure I saw this movie at too young of an age and am scarred for life.

This was one of those projects that took WAY longer than anticipated. It started when the screen door broke. Pulling it off of course damaged the trim. Spackle…sand…prime…sand again…realize it still looks terrible…painstakingly scrape paint off with razor blade…prime again…buy exterior paint…apply said paint…realize it still looks not-so-hot but at this point you’re over it. That was just the trim! The door took 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint. Scraping the paint off the glass was more terrible than usual because I am pretty sure I didn’t let the primer dry for long enough. So I’ll have to do some touch ups because it didn’t scrape cleanly. Lesson learned. You can see the brush strokes slightly, but I don’t mind it.

Gauss was following me around and photobombing my pictures so I had a little fun…

If you “know” Gauss, this is very much him. Always right on top of you, with his nose in your face. This dog has no concept of personal space.

Hangin’ out.


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