Frame Arrangements

I promise things are very close to being done in the master bedroom! Last weekend in preparation for hanging the TV and frames around the TV I set up a little mock wall (on the floor) to lay things out and figure out the layout I wanted (ignore the gross dirty carpet that I JUST CLEANED). I measured the TV and taped out the size on the floor and then started moving things around…


This one might be too overwhelming?

Too spaced out?

Too spaced out?


I liked the “flow” of this one, but I would need more portrait orientation photos. Seriously 95% of the photos from Alaska that I plan on using are in landscape.

I think the winner!

I think this one is the winner!

I had a few other options too, that Google hilariously automatically made into an animated GIF! Whee! (you might have to click on the image below to get it to start “playing”)


Now for the fun task of hanging up all of the frames without putting 600 holes in the wall. Oh joy…


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