DragonCon Parade

Labor Day weekend in Atlanta is always madness. The Chick-fil-A kickoff game, Tech football, and DragonCon all happen the same weekend. I decided to check out the DragonCon parade this year to see what it was all about. It was pretty entertaining, but SO MANY PEOPLE. I was able to get a few good photos even though I was about 4-5 people deep (you can tell in a few shots). I ended up using my cheap (but light!) 55-200 lens for these. I was originally going to sell it, but I’d only get about $100 for it so I think I’ll hold onto it for now so I can use it for events like this. I am also glad that I camped out between 2 tall buildings so that I didn’t get any harsh shadows from the 10am sun.

Shredder from TMNT

The Joker, made out of cardboard boxes!

Halo cosplayer


Honestly can’t remember who this guy is supposed to be…

Zombie nurse


One thought on “DragonCon Parade

  1. I’m the Zombie Nurse. As a RN, I always felt like a zombie by the end of the shift. So, why not REALLY be a zombie. I had a blast doing Con with my daughter, who also was a zombie nurse. I’ll be doing this again!
    Gayla Guest
    Newnan, GA

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