Post Vacation Musings

  • After not being in a plane or on a cruise ship for 24 hours, why do I still feel like I am floating?
  • The only thing worse to coming home to a leaking roof is noticing your leaf is rooking right before you leave for vacation. On top of that, I think it rained every single day while we were gone.
  • While in Canada, only 1 “eh?” was heard. No oot/outs, unfortunately.
  • Flying on the 4th of July has its perks. Seeing fireworks from above and getting an entire row of seats to yourself isn’t a bad way to travel.
  • Checking my work phone’s voicemail upon returning included this gem: “If this is Gina, the blueberries are ready to pick.  Bye.”
  • There is a lot of catching up to do. I took over 1100 pictures in Alaska. Send reinforcements if you don’t hear from me in a week!

Hope everyone had a safe/fun/dry 4th!


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