New Lens (Again)

Preparing for our Alaska trip, I knew that I wanted to replace the 55-200 kit lens that I’ve had since forever. It is a great lens for the price, but I have been wanting to upgrade for a while now. I bought the  Nikon 70-300 last August, but had to return to when it turned out to be soft and never got another copy. I finally got around to selling my old ultra-wide angle, so I used that money to get a refurbished copy of the Nikon 70-300. Buying refurbished saved me about $200, which is a LOT considering the brand new price is $589. I purchased it from Cameta Camera, which is an authorized seller of Nikon products, plus they include an additional 1 year warranty for refurbished products (as opposed to only 90 days if you buy refurb directly from Nikon).

Large and in charge.

One shot from the soft copy of the 70-300 I originally purchased last year. Only slightly cropped, but heavily sharpened.

I’ve already run it through a focus test and everything looks good/sharp. Here’s to hoping I can get some wildlife photos with this lens! I took it on a test drive this weekend and took some photos of the supermoon.


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