Santa Rosa Beach and Seaside, FL

David and I spent a long weekend in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. The purpose of the trip was to celebrate the wedding of one of his coworkers, but seeing as it is unlikely we’ll make it back to the beach this summer we decided to stay a few extra days. Neither of us had ever been to this part of the panhandle, and we absolutely loved it. Think Destin and Panama City gorgeous beaches with a much more ‘chill’ vibe and a lot less¬†consumerism (aka tacky beach souvenir shops). First up a few photos from the wedding…

After the wedding we spent the next few days exploring Santa Rosa Beach and Seaside. Seaside was a neat place, but kind of felt a little too Stepford wife for me. If you’ve seen the movie The Truman Show, it was filmed in Seaside. Makes sense, right? It was gorgeous, and we happened to be there right at golden hour. Compliments to the hubby for taking the first photo of me (I changed the settings, but he did good with focusing :)).

Now that we are back in Atlanta it’s time to scramble to get ready for my sister’s wedding this weekend. I am the unofficial second shooter so wish me luck…


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