Barkbox Review

Last month I signed Gauss up for BarkBox, a monthly subscription service for toys and treats for your dog.

These monthly subscription services are popping up all over the place, you can get just about anything monthly. Birchbox is probably one of the most popular ones (for makeup, and I imagine where BarkBox got their name from), but I’ve stumbled across other ones like Stitch Fix for clothes and even one that delivered vegetables and organic products monthly.

BarkBox starts at $19 per month for a 6 month subscription, which includes the price to ship your box via USPS every month. In my honest opinion, so far it is totally worth it. David or I usually end up going to PetSmart once a month anyway and spending at least $25 on new treats or bones. Since signing up for BarkBox we haven’t stepped foot into a pet store unless we’re buying dog food.

So my first question before I signed up was that I wanted to know what types of things were included in the box. Last month’s box consisted of a rawhide bone, a jerky chew, a full sized bag of treats, a rope toy, a package of wipes, and 2 packages of liquid vitamins that you put on your dog’s food. It was way more than I was expecting! This month the box didn’t have quite as many things, but was still worth more than the $19 monthly price. Here’s what is in May’s BarkBox:

Planet Dog treat ball — We’ve bought Gauss a treat ball in the past (you put small treats in the hole in the toy and the dog gets a lot of mental stimulation trying to get the treats out), but the previous ones have been plastic and are SO LOUD rattling around on our wood floors. This one is a soft rubber and is perfect.

Loving Pets beef treats — Gauss seems to like them and I like that they are made in the U.S.A.

Bocce’s Bakery juice bar treats — This is a large bag of treats that smell yummy.

Barkworthies bone — Another huge bone like the one we received last month. Planning on giving this one to Gauss over the weekend.

And of course this post wouldn’t be complete without some photos of Gauss enjoying his BarkBox toys!

If you end up trying BarkBox, I would love you forever if you use my referral link (plus you get $5 off and 10% always goes to a rescue organization)!


One thought on “Barkbox Review

  1. Man, I really want to get this for Guinness – but I have a hard time justifying it. Mostly because she doesn’t tear up toys, so we rarely go to the pet store (except for food) to start with. And her treats consist of fish oil that she’ll just eat the whole pill of. It’s so ridiculous (in a good way…sometimes, but i want to buy cute new toys!)… but whatever. We have toys that are still in tact from the first day we got her. Any toys that do get torn up are typically destroyed by a visiting friend.

    *Sigh* I’ll live vicariously through you & Gauss with the ridiculously cute toys… 🙂

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