Stick a fork in it, the floors are done!

After a stressful week, it appears we have arrived at completion. Living with your parents for a week and sleeping in a full size bed with a 6’3” husband is not for the faint of heart. Add to that the dog broke out in hives on Monday (and then throwing up on Friday and not eating or drinking), finding out that the half bath toilet has a leak, and getting our move-back-in date pushed out, I think we were all ready to be home.

Here’s what we started with on closing day:

And after sanding (yes I totally stalked my own house…someone had to check the mail daily, right??). I love how this already looks better than the ‘before’. Sorry for the mega glare, this was shot in creeper mode through the side lights. This reminds me of the gorgeous hickory floors at Melissa’s house at The Inspired Room, but darker we must go…

And here it is now. And for reference these floors are red oak, and the stain color is DuraSeal Coffee Brown, which is similar to Minwax Dark Walnut — DuraSeal and Minwax are owned by the same company, DuraSeal is just only available to contractors.

We’ve still got a bit to do before it is truly in ‘after’ condition, including repainting most of the baseboards (ugh…) and cleaning off the thin layer of sawdust that is on every. imaginable. surface. Add to that a major ramp up in our social calendars (birthday, shower, anniversary, and bachelorette party in the next 2 weeks alone), it should be interesting to see if we can ever find the time to get that done.

We are really happy with how it turned out!


8 thoughts on “Stick a fork in it, the floors are done!

    • I think so. We had 3 choices of finish — flat, satin, or glossy. This is the satin finish, so probably comparable to semi-gloss.

  1. Pretty! Dog scratchings yet on floor? Dust showing easily? I’d love to know how it’s hel up. Also, what color paint in living room with fireplace?

    • Thanks! The floor does get scratched occasionally from the dogs (and humans…), but I try not to freak out about it. Dust doesn’t really show, but muddy puppy footprints do 🙂

      The paint color is Benjamin Moore Grant Beige in the living room.

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  4. I know this was posted a few years back, but was wondering if you would be able to tell me where you found your rug and the sconces next to the TV. We are in the middle of putting hardwood floors in the living room and I would love to find a similar rug! Thanks!

    • I don’t have the rug anymore, but it was from Overstock. The sconces are from Pottery Barn and I’m pretty sure they still carry them!

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