In like a lion…out like a lion

With March coming and going in a blink of an eye, I admit that this month’s home goal of getting the hardwood floors refinished was not going to happen. What DID happen was getting 3 different contractors out to give quotes on the job. We’re still trying to determine which one we will go with, but one added bonus ‘decision’ that we didn’t expect to make was a choice of new wrought iron balusters!

Because they will have to basically take apart the stairs to sand, stain, and poly the treads and handrails it makes sense to go ahead and replace the existing white balusters. The difference in cost between new white balusters and wrought iron is pretty minimal, mostly because the existing ones are in pretty sorry shape and even re-painting would be more expensive in labor.

Balusters can get quite fancy (frou frou if you ask me), so I am looking at options that keep things pretty simple. Here are some of my favorites:





With the stairs taking up a lot of presence in the ‘great room’, I think it will look really nice. Here’s a picture from closing day to remind you what we’re starting with. (And don’t worry, I have plans for that ugly light fixture!)


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