Recent IKEA Finds

After last week’s trip to the aquarium, I figured I would head over to IKEA since I was downtown. Here’s what I picked up!

I was happy they had the famously coveted Fiddle Leaf Fig in stock, or as IKEA likes to call it FICUS LYRATA ($12.99). The one I got (and most of the selection at IKEA) were of itty bitty baby ones, not the huge ones you see in magazines. (Side note: should I be concerned that there are 2 stems in this pot? Am I going to have 2 trees growing out of the same pot in a few months? If I am forced to relocate one, I am positive I will kill both in the process.)

The plant pot is also new, the KARDEMUMMA ($19.99). Don’t fret, the interior is water-proof, or else it would not be sitting directly on the hardwoods.

I also got the HENRIKSDAL slipcovered chair, with the long white slipcover ($89.99). The picture on the IKEA website does not do this chair justice — it is actually pretty nice and substantial in person. The only thing that irks me is that I feel like the slipcover is a hair too short. I might have to address that eventually. I put this chair in my “office” which is the slowest evolving room of all time. The desk and everything in this room needs major work, but it will happen eventually.

I also got a few of the RITVA curtains in white, which I’ll share in another post once I get around to washing/ironing/hanging them (i.e. not until 2015). And of course you can never leave IKEA without a few RIBBA frames. And a cinnamon bun. 🙂

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