No-Sew Table Skirt

This one took quite a bit more time than I had anticipated. Me and my iron became bffs during this project. I pretty much followed the same steps as this tutorial from Pawley Island Posh, if you’re going to try this for yourself. This spot has slowly evolved over time…and I haven’t really liked it a single step of the way…

And here it is today:

The solid fabric was an $8/yd clearance bin find at JoAnn’s. It’s some kind of jacquard that is pretty thick so it lies really nicely (I used most of the 3 yards I purchased). The “trim” is Premier Prints Towers in Onyx/Dark Grey/Natural (I bought 1 yard and have a bunch leftover).

While I think this is much better than the previous iterations, I still am going to look for some better accessories and maybe a new lamp. I think a large lantern like this, and a vase with some hydrangeas would add a lot (both from Target).

On to the next thing!


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