February Chalk Art

It’s February! Which means it’s not January (yay)! The only chalk art on our little chalkboard last month was a short-lived, scribble of “Rise Up!” by David. February’s chalk art is a little sweeter.

This was my first time using wet chalk. Essentially I took a piece of chalk, ran it under the faucet for a few seconds, dried it off with a paper towel and got to work. Initially it looks like crap, but once it dries it creates a nice, solid line. Previously I had just been re-tracing the same line over and over again to get the thickness I wanted. This is much more effective!

On the February home goal challenge, I was pretty giddy to find the perfect mirror I was envisioning at Home Goods. Mine! (Anyone else sometimes feel like a seagull in Finding Nemo in certain stores?) I am headed out to shop for fabrics very soon to get started on the rest of the makeover!


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