January Home Project = Done?

Over the weekend I tackled my project for January’s to-do list, painting stripes in this small hallway off the great room. As a reminder, here is what it looked like before:

And here it is now:

I spent a chunk of time on Saturday painting the base color the same color as the rest of the 1st floor, Benjamin Moore Grant Beige. On Sunday I measured, put up the tape, and went to work on the stripes. It really didn’t take that long since this is a pretty small space and I only did 4 stripes. David initially convinced me to just do the 1 wall, but now that it is finished my OCD is taking over and I am going to have to do the stripes on the rest of the walls.

For reference, the ceiling is a little over 8 feet tall here, and each stripe is 11 inches tall. The stripe color is Martha Stewart’s Nutshell.

I must admit that I enjoy admiring my stripes from a spot on the couch!

What do you think? I am now admittedly looking for more places to add stripes in this house…


2 thoughts on “January Home Project = Done?

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