Eat in Kitchen Plans

With a cold knocking me off my feet last week, I’m finally starting the hallway stripes this weekend! Shout out to the guy at Sherwin Williams that sold me the paint at the contractor price. Can’t beat $19 for a gallon of paint that normally costs $50ish.

I’ve also been seeing a lot of pictures around the interwebs with cute eat in kitchens with curtains. I typically dismiss these since I find the idea of curtains in a kitchen to be kind of gross, but this idea is growing on me. I was also hoping that we could eventually build a bench in the corner of our eat in kitchen, but I am also trying to remind myself that this is not our forever home. I think this space just needs some soft white curtains, a square rug, and a new light fixture.

And I’ll need SIX panels. IKEA might be the best bet so that I can hem them exactly the right length. A rug will definitely be necessary especially after the floors are refinished. This area has some spots that need refinishing the most and I’m sure I’ll be super paranoid with the floors for a while.

Those are the plans, we’ll see how far this makes it into fruition. In the meantime, I’ll be painting stripes. Hopefully I’ll have an AFTER to show before my deadline!


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