2013 Home Plans

Happy 2013 everyone! It seems like David and I have been celebrating with friends off and on almost the entire break, so I’m ready to get down to business. I’ve made a list of projects around the house I’d like to accomplish this year, and to avoid being completely overwhelmed, each project has been assigned to a month. I am going to try and complete one project a month. That sounds totally reasonable, right? Here are the plans.

January: Paint stripes in the mini hallway off the great room. This picture is kind of deceiving since the only way I could take a proper photo was with my ultra wide angle lens, but it’s a pretty small hallway. The master bedroom is behind me and the door on the left leads to the basement.

February: Make a table skirt for the foyer. I’ve been trying to make this table work for a while, and it just annoys me. The top is already pretty scratched up, so I am making a skirt to cover it. I already have fabric that I am going to use as an accent border.

March: Get the hardwood floors finished throughout the first floor. This one is tricky because it is expensive and we’ll probably have to move out of our house for at least a week. At least we are hiring it out and not doing it ourselves.

April: Paint the master bedroom! This means deciding on a color and painting it ourselves, but it needs a paint job pretty badly.

May: Finish the master bedroom decorating — make/hang curtains and wall art, new pillows, and possibly get a small TV for the dresser?

June/July/August: Nothing! We are going to 5 weddings this summer and planning a trip to Seattle/Portland/San Francisco in August.

September: Get cabinets painted? This is a question mark. No idea how much this costs, plus I’ll have to get David on board…

October: Install a modest gallery wall in the basement. Hopefully I’ll have collected enough GT themed prints and art for a small gallery wall in our basement.

November: Umm, not sure yet…

December: Nothing! Hang out with friends and family for the holidays.

That seems totally reasonable, right? I’m also probably going to start posting just 1x per week unless I have lots to share. Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “2013 Home Plans

  1. This is a really good idea! I might steal it from you!! There is so much stuff I want to do around our house and we just do whatever strikes our mood (and budget) that month.

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