Painting = Done

The painters finished up at about 6:30pm on Tuesday. I spent the rest of the night cleaning up and putting furniture back and then snapped these on Wednesday morning. I love the new color! It is a subtle difference, but even David said it was no longer a dated/90’s color. The color is Benjamin Moore’s Grant Beige, color matched to Sherwin Williams paint. The painters did a great job and would probably use them again. Total cost was $1100, including the paint (6 gallons), for 2 coats. I received a lower quote from another company, but they were annoyingly late to the estimate, and then late getting me the quote, and you could see where that was going…

Here’s a before so you can see the 90’s beige that we started with…

And now!

The kitchen got this color too, but I didn’t want to drag my tripod out (a necessity with how little light the kitchen gets). You can use your imagination 🙂 Now on to putting up Christmas decorations!

4 thoughts on “Painting = Done

  1. Looks great! I am going to get Grant Beige matched at Sherwin Williams also, and I am just wondering if they gave you an equivalent and if so, what number/name was it. Or if they did a custom and if you have any info on the color match they came up with.


  2. Hi. Just wondering if the fireplace wall was painted a lighter color of if it just looks that way due to the lighting in the room? Getting ready to paint a living room and master bedroom too. hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks, Rebecca

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