Cut a Rug

One of my least favorite things to shop for is rugs. 99% of them are ugly and expensive! With so many non-carpet surfaces in our house, rugs are a necessary evil. I finally bit the bullet and ordered this runner for the entryway:

And this rug for the basement media room:

The rug for the basement turned out great. It’s a perfect fit for the space and looks nice! No more cold feet on the tile. Hopefully the wrinkles go away soon, and someday I will figure out how to take good photos of the basement.

The entryway rug turned out to be pretty purple in artificial light. I tried moving it around in a few different areas, and then finally stuck it in front of the double vanity in the master bathroom.

The next morning, I stumbled upon this post by YHL. Hmm, what if I re-painted the master bathroom in the same color they used, Benjamin Moore Elephant Gray? The rug would fit right in with that color. Am I crazy to re-paint this bathroom after only a few months?

(photo courtesy of YHL)

Can I also convince my husband to go for a purple gray master bathroom? We shall see…


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