Another Recovered Lampshade

Remember this guy?

I was in the process of getting a replacement shade (this one is bent), but the manufacturer didn’t have any. Instead they gave me an 80% discount (ok!!! new total for fixture = $9.59!!!).

Using some leftover burlap and ribbon, I recovered the exiting shade using pretty much the same method I used last time. Burlap was much trickier to work with, and I ended up putting another layer of fabric underneath the burlap first (I just cut up an old pillowcase). Also, instead of wrapping the extra fabric around the edges of the shade, I cut the burlap right along the edge of the existing shade and “finished” the edges with ribbon. (The fabric glue was still a little wet when I snapped this photo, but when it dries you won’t be able to see it through the brown ribbon).

I think it looks really cool with the light on! So this whole fixture cost under $10 since I used leftover materials from another project.

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