Recovered Fabric Lampshade

Last weekend I spent about an hour putting together this fabric recovered lampshade for the guest bedroom. My victim, a $12 Target lamp shade.

The fabric, Waverly’s Solar Flair in Lilac. Half a yard is pretty much a perfect amount for 1 shade. I almost screwed up and didn’t remember to iron it until the last minute. Don’t forget to iron your fabric!

I laid out the fabric and traced the shape of the shade with chalk.

After cutting out the shape, leaving a small buffer on each side of my chalk line, this was the final shape that I ended up with (I eventually cut the far end to a straight line).

On the far edge, I also folded the raw edge over and secured it with fabric glue.

I don’t have any more in progress photos because the rest of the time my hands were covered in fabric glue! Basically I just put a line of glue along the short end of the fabric, pressed the shade on, rolled it up, and then put another line of glue on the end. After that I went around the edges and secured them under with more fabric glue. This part took forever! But, worth it…here is the after…

And on the new lamp base…

It even looks nice with the light on.

Pretty easy, right?


2 thoughts on “Recovered Fabric Lampshade

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