Light Fixture Switch Up

I am not a huge fan of, say, 99% of the light fixtures in the house. That’s not very good odds. I can live with them for now, but when I saw a sconce on Amazon for $25 I jumped on it. Here is our first victim.

Totally not terrible at all, but just not my style. Also the paint drips on the base and inside the glass give it a classy touch, no? Maybe the previous homeowners felt good deciding to represent all varieties of metal finishes in their home. Black? Check. (Oil rubbed bronze? Check. Polished Brass? Check. Chrome? Check. Nickel? Check. Ugh.)

Most of the time replacing these things are really easy. There were a few hurdles with this one because the junction box was not installed level with the drywall, but with creativity and an engineer husband, anything can be achieved. 🙂

And here is the semi-after. The lampshade was dented when I took it out of the box, so I am requesting a new one. I am also thinking of just covering it up with some fabric. Either way it is much better than the before! I should take that silver sticker off. Oops.

I am headed to IKEA this weekend to get a few things for the guest bedroom. I decided that I needed to make a list of what I need to do to finish.

  • Purchase/assemble bookcase for empty wall
  • Purchase baskets and magazine holders for bookcase
  • Accessorize bookcase (this one is freaking me out a little bit)
  • Purchase glass or ceramic lamp for dresser, and lamp shade (maybe cover with coordinating fabric?)
  • Spray paint the glass bulb covers on the ceiling fan
  • Re-install the header on the blinds that I knocked off when painting
  • Spray paint furniture hardware
  • Add detail to bed skirt (fabric trim?)
  • Purchase shams (solid gray, or gray/white stripe)

Well, that list turned out longer than I expected. Sigh. As much as I like making lists, I like scratching things off of them better!


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