The Cheapest Headboard You Can Get

I’m on a mission to finally finish the guest bedroom. While some rooms in the house I accept will be continuously evolving, certain ones will be furnished, decorated, and never to be touched again. Since I am cheap thrifty, I wanted to do a low cost headboard for this room. The cheapest solution that I liked the best was a painted headboard. Yes, of course I got the idea from Pinterest! Let’s dig waay back to the last photo I have of the guest bedroom.

I picked a pretty simple shape and traced it onto the wall with chalk. Warning, night time poorly lit phone pictures ahead…

I just freehanded the curve, but you could always use a protractor or trace along a bowl/plate/etc if you want to be more accurate. I started putting up the frog tape, and then ran out of frog tape. A trip to Target and $50 later, I had more frog tape! Why does that always happen?

It took about 4 coats of paint, but I really like the result!

With a few new accessories (and day light!) it is now almost done…


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