Remembering 9/11

During last year’s trip to NYC, the WTC memorial was booked full. I believe it only had opened a few months before our trip, and you had to make reservations very far in advance. This was the closest we got, outside of the World Financial Center. Construction of the new tower is to the left, and the memorial gardens are further back, where those trees are sticking out behind the green fence. I’ve never written down and saved my recount of 9/11, so what better place than a blog.

On 9/11 I was a senior in my high school physics class. Our principal came over the intercom and told us what happened and one of my friends in the class said, I bet it was Osama Bin Laden. I had never heard that name before. We watched the news for the rest of 1st period. Between classes the 1st tower fell. During my next class, my teacher didn’t want to turn the TV on. She gave us an assignment to do, but everyone said they were too distracted and she turned the TV back on. I think the 2nd tower fell immediately after that. During 3rd period, I was in a programming class so I had access to a computer. I remember trying to access and figure out what happened but it was a blur. I don’t think we did anything in 4th period (band) except they told us that practice was cancelled for that evening. I went home and glued myself to the TV. Later that I night I was chatting with a friend on AOL Instant Messenger when I heard what the estimated death toll was.

It will be weird knowing that this is something my kids and grandkids are going to read about in their history books. It is likely that we will be headed back to New York/Long Island next fall for my brother in law’s wedding, so hopefully I’ll get another chance to go to the memorial.


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