More Lens Drama and More Paint Drama

As if I don’t have enough lens drama going on already, I finally did a focus test on the Nikon 70-300 lens I purchased used from Amazon. It failed pretty miserably. I think this series of pictures best shows just how bad it was. The first image is from one of the cheapest Nikon telephotos you can purchase, the 55-200. I think I bought it for $175. The 70-300 sells new for about 3x that.

Cheap lens:

“Better”, but broken lens:

See how you can see all of the little dots in the orange band in the first photo? Yeah. So back it goes. I was going to use it at the Braves game tonight since we got close seats, but not after seeing this. That much of a compromise in sharpness is not worth an extra 100mm.

On top of that, my lens estimate came back at $225. I am going to get it fixed and then sell it. I already bought a replacement, the Nikon 10-24mm. This is the same lens that I rented for our trip to NYC last fall. I think this will be a better lens for me because of the more usable zoom range and maybe it won’t be as expensive to fix in the future because it is a Nikon product instead of an off brand.

I also sort of picked out a new paint color for the entryway/living room/kitchen. I went to Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore and got a whole handful of samples.

From the swatch and some sample images online, I really like Benjamin Moore Grant Beige. It still has a little bit of gray in it, but also a little more beige too. I will definitely be getting a sample and putting it on the wall, but I really hope it turns out well. I am sick of looking at paint swatches!

And with that, I’m off to the beach for a week with the husband’s family! See ya!


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