Picking Out Paint Colors

Plans are finally in the making for painting the massive 20 feet tall entryway, living room, and kitchen! Not only am I sick of this color (the entire house was this color when we moved in), the paint was probably the builder paint and is really starting to look bad. We are definitely hiring painters this time because I think I would flip out on scaffolding that high. I mean, do YOU want to paint this?

Of course the hard part is picking a paint color! Here are a few I’ve considered.

Behr Perfect Taupe

I bought a tester for this color and loved it in certain places, but it looked too purple on other places that got a lot of light. Here’s a perfect example. Both of these photos are of the same color (Perfect Taupe), I kid you not.

Next up I tried to Behr’s Castle Path.

At first I thought this color was too light, but it is growing on me. I used the entire tester sample so now I have blotches of this color all over the place. Here is the largest blotch 🙂

I am trying to figure out if I want to test more colors or just go with Castle Path! I have been doing some Google searches and I really like it with dark floors (which will hopefully happen later this year).

The next month or so will be busy, so hopefully we can get painters in sometime in late August!


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