Spray Painted Garden Stool

Remember way back when I Photoshopped this garden stool into a few different colors? I decided on this golden yellow paint color.

But was having a hard time finding this exact shade in spray paint land. Well…I found some…

Thank goodness for the farmers and their golden yellow farm equipment! The color is old caterpillar yellow. Farm equipment Caterpillar, not bug caterpillar.

I set up my spray paint station in the garage on a day where the temperature was shockingly not going to get much above 90 degrees and the humidity wasn’t going to be agonizingly high (aka decent spray painting conditions). Here we are after a coat of spray primer.

Pro tip #1: Don’t get spray paint on your husband’s sports car.

Pro tip #2: If your floating beer and human holding floating device has been hanging in the garage for 3 weeks, it is probably dry.

After a few coats of paint…(I think I did 4 total).

And the final reveal!

What do you think?


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