Black Interior Doors

I know I have a lot of painting projects on my to do list, but it’s difficult to start any when it doesn’t drop below 80 outside! Luckily this one I can do completely indoors and I am freaking excited about it!

David gave me the go ahead to paint the door to the deck black! Woot!

I think it would not have happened if I didn’t show him this sloppy Photoshop mockup.

Stunning, right? Ignore the fact that every other surface needs to be painted or stained and just focus on the door, people! So now my research begins. Thrifty Decor Chick has a good tutorial on door painting and also a good tutorial on how NOT to take apart your door during this process so that is a good start. But anyone else have any tips? I was thinking of just using the same shade of black that is on the table since I already have that paint. I am so excited to start this project!


One thought on “Black Interior Doors

  1. This woman just painted all of her interior doors a deep black/brown.
    She is refinishing her entire house, so you’ll have to give her a break on some of it. It’s near the end of this post. Maybe this will further sway David to dark side. 🙂
    I have found that the little foam rollers and a one-inch brush for detail work are really helpful. I believe this woman also suggests that.

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