The Magic of Photoshop

When we first looked at our house, I knew it had a lot of potential. As we are working our way through each room the easiest and cheapest impact has been paint. I love paint! Notice I did not say that I love *to* paint, but I do love how paint makes such a big difference. I also love bringing in images into Photoshop and messing around to see that potential. My most recent photoshop play has been with this ceramic garden stool that is currently hanging out in the guest bedroom. You might have seen it next to the new IKEA mirror in my last post.

It’s from Overstock, and while it does blend in well with the room, there is already a whole lotta white going on in here. I had seen some bloggers post about painting these garden stools, so I think I will go for it. Now the hard part is choosing the color! That’s where my friend Photoshop comes in. If you remember, the colors from this room are pulled from the pillows:

So I have a few choices here. Dark purple? Light purple? Gray? Black? Yellow?

Dark purple is out because the curtains and sheets are already dark purple. What about light purple?

Ew, no, looks too adolescent. Gray could work…

Eh, no, it blends in too much with the wall behind it. Darker?

Nope, looks like it’s from the 80s now.

Yellow! Perfect! Kind of a gold-ish, saffron or goldenrod shade. Now I just need to figure out how to paint ceramic without spray paint since I doubt that I will ever be able to find it in this shade.

Stay tuned for more Photoshop action. I’ve got a bench that needs some paint too.


2 thoughts on “The Magic of Photoshop

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