I’m outdoorsy in that I like decorating on patios.

Last summer the only thing that happened on the back porch was the purchase of a grill and a patio set.

Not so exciting, right? I was determined this summer to get a little more going on back here. From early on, I knew that I wanted 2 black rocking chairs and an outdoor rug. Mission accomplished on that! The rocking chairs are from Lowe’s ($100 each) and the rug is Martha Stewart, from HomeGoods ($60!). Sorry for the bad lighting…and the discolored grill cover. This area gets a ton of sun in the summer.

The rocking chairs have started to chip off some paint since like day 2, so yeah, that sucks. If they start to look too bad I will just sand the seats and arm rests down and repaint. Or put cushions on them, because that’s easier.

Looking in the other direction, things have only gotten worse! I did not like the brick red cushions and umbrella that came with the patio set, so much so that I didn’t even bring them out from storage this spring. Needless to say, we have not been doing a lot of al fresco dining this summer.

But there is a plan! I wanted to go BRIGHT, so turquoise it is. I had to start my search with the seat cushions because the chair seats are a kind of odd size and I don’t want to pay $60 per cushion. You’ve gotta be out of your mind to do that. So I decided on these turquoise cushions from Target:

They are just under $30 per cushion, are thick, and should be the right size (fingers crossed that their actual size matches what the website says they are sized). They were out of stock for the longest time so I have been obsessively checking to see when they were back. They are officially on order and should be here within the next few weeks! The pillows and umbrella are matching (the color is a bit off in the product image, they are more blue IRL like the umbrella ‘ella ‘ella), so pretty soon it will all come together!

I am thinking about some plants out here too, but am afraid of what to do. I hate killing plants. I am really good at killing plants. I am pretty sure I killed a succulent. A SUCCULENT PEOPLE. That’s like killing a cactus. *sob* Maybe I will eventually recover and find something to put out here that will just take a long time to die? 😉

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