Puerto Rico, Part 2

After walking around old San Juan and El Morro, we jumped back in the rental car and headed for the resort. The resort was on the far eastern end of the island, in Fajardo. If you’re interested, we stayed at the El Conquistador Resort. It is a massive resort, and had some mixed reviews on TripAdvisor, but overall we were happy with our stay.

Here is the resort, as seen from the ferry that takes you to the resort’s private island. I told you it was massive! Sorry for the haze around the edges of this photo…every time we walked out of our room my sunglasses and camera lenses would fog up from the humidity and I didn’t get all of it wiped off here.

11mm f/9 1/320 ISO 100

Approaching the island, from the ferry boat.

16mm f/8 1/250 ISO 100

Here is David, about to do some snorkeling. Lucky for you, I photoshopped some uh, unsightly(?) swimmers from this photo. Thank god for PS5 content aware fill.

16mm f/9 1/400 ISO 100

This one is my new desktop wallpaper 🙂

11mm f/9 1/250 ISO 100

On one of our last days, I set my alarm for 5:30 so I could catch the sunrise. Crazy, I know.

11mm f/9 1/320 ISO 400

The pool was very empty at 6am.

11mm f/9 1/30 ISO 400

Overall, we had a really good time!


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