Ready for a slew of random updates? Aaaand, go!

We celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary by finally making it to Bacchanalia, which is basically widely regarded as the best restaurant in Atlanta. We were barely able to get a reservation for a Wednesday night by booking almost a month in advance. I tend to forget these things about Atlanta, reservations are key! The food, service, atmosphere, everything* was great.

*I did not care for the cheese course. Maybe I am just not  a cheese person!


Wedding anniversary also means that we are at the 1 year anniversary of being in our house! Yikes. I’m not gonna lie, I thought we’d be farther along than this, but this is life. I went around and took 1 year photos so I can compare and contrast for each year (you can see the full set here, although I got lazy and didn’t take any in the basement…or the backyard…or the deck).

We’ve also been busy getting estimates and deciding on a contractor for our fence project and getting that going.

And also busy booking and planning a trip to Puerto Rico. Yay, beach! Vacation! Laziness! Booking a vacation is exhausting (first world problems…) — flights, hotel, rental car, dog boarding, figuring out a good time when work is not going to go into a tailspin. Why did travel agents go out of style?

So along with all of the other typical early spring craziness (ultimate, baby showers, engagement parties, weddings, work) things have been a little hectic. Hectic in a good way, but eventually I’d like to settle back into a lazy weekend of procrastinating house projects!


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