Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock, Part 2

And now to continue from Part 1, I finally made it to Cannon Beach. About 15 miles off the coast, it started get pretty foggy. Foiled! That just means I’ll have to come back when there is a proper sunset! I did still manage to get some photos I am very pleased with. The most surprising thing about Haystack Rock is that it is MASSIVE. It is 10 times bigger than I imagined it to be. You really have to see it in person to understand the scale, and an ultra wide angle lens doesn’t necessarily help capture that.

I am still in process of editing this one for a large canvas. Yay! I’ll post when I get that figured out.

Looking the other way down Cannon Beach, in B&W.

Tide pools right next to Haystack Rock. Apparently the tide pools are frequented by starfish and other sea life, but I did not see any even though it was low tide 😦

I think I spent about an hour walking back and forth on the beach. By that time, my fingers were freezing so I scrambled out of there. If it was warmer and I had more time to spare I probably would have stuck around to take some long exposure shots.

Well, Cannon Beach, you have been temporarily checked off my bucket list, but I am sure I will be back!


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